WAMS Rental and Services Company Invests in iXblue DriX USV to Expand its Operational Capabilities

Brazil newly created rental and services company, WAMS, adds iXblue DriX Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV) to its existing pool of equipment. Offering the most modern technology for underwater service and research, this new investment marks an important turn in the company’s offering. Available for WAMS customers in Brazil, the DriX USV will increase operational performance for shallow water hydrographic and geophysical surveys as well as LBL array box-in operations, and ROV/AUV tracking for deep water projects.

“We are fully confident that the marine data collection and subsea operations industries are undergoing a profound change due to the rising technologies of Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USV) and Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV),” explains Elijah Egorov, Survey Operations Supervisor at WAMS. “Always keeping informed about the latest high-tech developments, we were fast to recognize iXblue DriX as a versatile and force-multiplying autonomous platform that will allow WAMS to perform bathymetric surveys up to 10 times faster than traditional vessels and survey launches when using multiple DriX. iXblue USV will furthermore be a great asset in supporting our customers’ deep-water operations. DriX will radically reduce the time required to perform box-in operations, and significantly improve the accuracy of ROVs and AUVs subsea positioning and communication in challenging acoustic environments. By investing in unmanned technologies such as DriX, WAMS is now expanding the capabilities of traditional survey equipment and leading the way towards more cost-efficient, safer and environmentally conscious offshore operations. This will be a great opportunity for companies that operate in the offshore market in Brazil, as they will get the highest technology equipment along with greatly reduced operating costs”.

With over 10,000 hours in operations around the world, iXblue DriX USV, along with its efficient launch and recovery system, is a seasoned asset in the environment of supervised autonomy. A true force-multiplier, DriX is able to conduct both remote-controlled and supervised autonomous operations (within visual range or Over The Horizon), and offers outstanding seakeeping and speed capabilities. Versatile and efficient, the unmanned platform performs extremely well in severe weather conditions and keeps downtime to a minimum compared to traditional survey vessels. Capable of hosting a wide range of payloads, DriX offers optimum conditions for high quality data acquisition and subsea positioning in both shallow and deep waters.

“We are very optimistic about this beginning of a commercial relationship with iXblue and certain that it will be a lasting and profitable commercial partnership for both companies” comments Waldeney Santos, Commercial Director of WAMS.

“By choosing to add our DriX USV to their services offer, WAMS is truly stepping up as an avantgarde company that will increase the productivity, efficiency and safety of their operations, while also lowering their overall HSE and environmental impact,” states Thiago Montanari, Sales Manager at iXblue. “We want to thank WAMS for their trust in our autonomous technology and are looking forward to our continuous partnership with them and to seeing DriX roam the waters off the Brazilian coast.”

Source: http://www.rovplanet.com/wams-rental-and-services-company-invests-in-ixblue-drix-usv-to-expand-its-operational-capabilities-25-05-2021




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