WAMS survey team completes the dedicated iXBLUE Drix training program in La Ciotat

WAMS is ever so proud to announce that in total of four our key members of the survey team have completed the dedicated training program on all the theoretical and practical aspects required to become the certified iXBLUE Drix Uncrewed Surface Vessel Pilots.

The certification took place in several stages in Feb-Mar 2022: a 2-week theoretical e-learning course made up of 16 modules covering in depth topics such as DriX system architecture, sensors, command and control, HMI or mobilization/ demobilization procedure… 6 days of intensive hands-on residential training in La Ciotat (astonishingly boatful town on France’s Mediterranean coast) with a certified instructor to learn how to operate DriX in real conditions and covering practical aspects including commissioning, deployment & transport, piloting, payload integration, maintenance… 3 days supplementary Drix system advanced troubleshooting course.

Additionally, to the Drix Supervisor course out team of surveyors had also successfully accomplished the GAPS M7 and the Echoes & Delpth Seismic Suite Course.

Congratulations WAMS Drix Team on their dedication, passion and enthusiasm!




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