WAMS delivers Nortek DVL 500 Compact to Fugro Brazil

Macaé, RJ, November 17, 2022 – WAMS Subsea Tecjnology Solutions is delighted to announce the delivery of the Nortek Doppler Velocity Log – DVL 500 Compact to Fugro Brazil in connection with a long term-rental agreement parties reached in order to enhance Fugro’s technical capacity for the ongoing and upcoming deep water drill support ROV missions. 

A Doppler Velocity Log (DVL) is an acoustic sensor which is essential for aiding the subsea platforms positioning such as a remotely operated vehicle (ROV) or an autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) by accurately measuring the speed of the platform advance in respect to the seabed and also enabling the station-holding capability to counteract ocean currents which is absolutely crucial while performing inspection and precise operation tasks subsea. 

The Nortek DVL 500 Compact rated to 4000m water depth is rapidly becoming the industry standard and the ROV professionals first choice in Brazil and worldwide by featuring a combined benefit of the ultra-compact design and the superior bottom-track range of up to 175m whilst being unprecedently easy to integrate and operate. It can fly higher in the water column and closer to the seabed than similar equipment, enabling small vehicles to do bigger jobs! 

Diego Bitencourt, Director of Nortek Brazil commented: 

“The Nortek DVL 500 Compact DW has raised attention to ROV players in Brazil as the projects starts demanding robust, reliable, and more capable sensor, meaning the ability to operate closer and further from the bottom. It´s quite important the partnership Nortek Brasil has established with WAMS taking into consideration the business model proposed, the capacity of local crew and the company culture. That´s exactly the partnership we look for, so that makes WAMS our official rental partner in Brazil.”

About Nortek: 

Nortek Group headquartered just outside Oslo, Norway is a leader in providing innovative, robust, and accurate instruments, that apply the Doppler principle to underwater acoustics in order to measure water in motion, such as currents and waves, and displacement over the bottom, a principle used in subsea navigation. The company cutting edge instruments are backed up by advanced software and comprehensive support to ensure customers maximize value from their measurements.

About WAMS: 

WAMS is a tech-forward Brazilian company that leases subsea equipment for hydrography and geophysical projects and services. The company main focus and the strategic orientation is on extending the capabilities of traditional survey equipment by using high-level autonomy robotic platforms with an offering significantly contributing to the climate change-related trends by reducing environmental and climate pressures and pursuing a Net Zero pollution ambition. 

WAMS is ready to offer our local equipment rental pool door-to-door Rio De Janeiro as well as the unmanned platforms to a wide range of marine industries starting from the offshore energy sector, environmental monitoring agencies, port authorities, and dredging companies. 




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