Drones and unmaned vehicles

° SL40 USV

° M40P Multi-Function USV

° Perimeter 8 UAV

° MATRICE 300 RTK Drone


Multi-Function Small USV for Ultra Shallow (less than 1m)  Hydrographic Survey.

± Hull Material:  Carbon fiber;
± Weight: 34 kg;
± Draft: 20cm (no payload);
± Payload weight:  up to 15 kg;
± Equipped with radar sensor for collision avoidance (50 meters maximum range) and 360 Deg RGB IP Camera;
± Data telemetry: 2-3 km (OTH via 4G cellular);
± Remote Control: 1 km;
± Max. Speed:  7 knots (5 m/s);
± Fully compatible with the Norbit Winghead i77h MBES.  Other MBES systems can be installed on the USV (i.e. iWBMS, MB2, Sonic 2020).

M40P Multi-Function USV

M40P is a multi-purpose surveying unmanned surface vessel (USV) platform for estuary, on-shore, and off-shore applications.

It’s designed to facilitate efficient data acquisition for construction planning and routine maintenance in the field of offshore wind farms and oil and gas exploration.

± Autonomous navigation;
± Dimension 4.5*2.35*2.1m;
± Weight 1000kg;
± Endurance: 48 hours;
± Payload: 800kg;
± Max Speed: 7 knots;
± Communication Range: 10km;
± Hull Material:  Aluminum alloy;
± Millimeter waves 50m obstacle avoidance.

Perimeter 8

   The Perimeter 8 UAV features an impressive 17 lb. / 7.5 kg payload capacity with 1 hour of endurance and a no-payload endurance of over 5 hours. 

± Maximum Speed  36 mph (57 km/hr)
± Cruise Ground Speed  22 mph (35 km/hr)
± Maximum Endurance 5+ hours without payload
± Setup time < 5 minutes
± Maximum Takeoff Weight 50 lb. (23 kg)
± Maximum Expected Telemetry
± Distance  6.2 miles (10 km)

 MATRICE 300 RTK Drone

The Matrice 300 RTK is DJI’s latest commercial drone platform that sets a whole new standard by combining intelligence with high-performance and reliability.

± The refined airframe and propulsion system design gives a more efficient and stable flight, even in harsh conditions;
± Max Flight Time: 55min;
± Max Descend Speed:7m/s;
± Service Ceiling: 7000m;
± Wind Resistance: 15m/s;
± Max Speed: 23m/s;
± Operating Temperature -20°C to 50°C.



Gaps M7 USBL system

Gaps M7 is a high performance Ultra Short Baseline positioning and communication system for locating and communicating subsea assets.

± Accuracy(CEP50): Up to 0.06 of range;
± Combines an USBL antenna and a fiber-optic inertial navigation system (INS);
± USBL calibration on the field is not required anymore;
± Maximum range: 4,000m.


Rovins Nano is a state-of-the-art inertial navigation system, designed to meet the demands of high performance subsea INS in harsh deep water applications in terms of compacity and accuracy.

±Three times better than GNSS / USBL / LBL;
±Small and light weight;
±Depth rating 6,000 m;
±Material Titanium;
±Applications: ROV OP & Navigation • IRM • Survey • Dredging;
±Cost effective.

Octans Surface

The fifth generation IXSEA OCTANS MKV Surface Gyro is an all-in-one gyrocompass and motion sensor for diverse challenging applications. 

± Built on iXBlue’s trusted and unique ultimate performance Fiber Optic Gyroscope (FOG) technology;
± New generation of algorithms;
± Highly accurate real-time output for roll, pitch, true heading, even under no GPS/GNSS environment;
± Industry’s best performance-value offering with unrivalled reliability;
± Backed by 5 year warranty and integration;
± Robust heading performance for high-speed vessel;
± Ease of export.

Octans Subsea

Octans Subsea is a subsea survey-grade gyrocompass and complete motion sensor.

± Based on iXblue’s FOG technology it outputs heading, roll, pitch, heave, rate of turn and acceleration;
± Depth rating (m) 3,000;
± Material Titanium;
± Weight (air/water) kg 15 / 6.2;
± MTBF (computed/observed) 40,000 hours / 80,000 hours;
± Optional full featured inertial navigation system;
± Application: ROV and offshore survey, MBES and sonar motion reference, Dredging, Marine construction.




   ASTRALiTe's EDGE ™  is the world's first small-scale topographic and bathymetric scanning LiDAR.

± Can detect small underwater objects, measure shallow water depth, and survey critical underwater infrastructure from a small UAV platform;
± Weight 5 kg;
± Low size, weight and power design for use on small form-factor UAVs;
± The LiDAR performance in shallow waters is unmatched, providing simultaneous water- and bottom-surface detection with sub-centimeter accuracy and precision.

LiAir V70

   The LiAir V70 is a lightweight drone-mounted LiDAR survey instrument designed and produced by GreenValley International (GVI).

± LiAir V70 is able to provide highly accurate 3D point cloud data;
± It provides an option to be equipped with a high-definition digital camera, which can be used to generate photogrammetry products as well as true color 3D point clouds;
± Range Accuracy ± 2 cm;
± Onboard Storage 128 GB;
± Mounting Platform DJI’s Matrice 600 Pro, M300 RTK & M210;
± Field of View 70.4° (Horizontal) × 4.5° (Vertical).



MT932S Miniature Transponder

   The MT932S series miniature transponder is an ideal tool for AUV, ROV, and tow fish tracking operations.

± Designed for use down to 3 000 m water depth;
± Stainless steel;
± Compact, lightweight and rugged MF acoustic transponder/responder;
± Designed to operate with the Gaps long range and fully integrated MF-USBL acoustic positioning systems;
± Fitted with internal rechargeable battery pack but it can also be operated from external power supply voltage.

MT862S Miniature Transponder

± Depth rating (m) 6000m,
± MF,
± integral transducer,
± responder,
± Construction Duplex steel
± Weight (air, water) kg 5 / 3.5,
± Size (OD x length) mm 490 x 70
Operating frequency 20 - 30 kHz.

Canopus CRT142AE

Canopus transponder is the latest addition to the iXblue underwater positioning systems.

± Used as a reference seabed transponder installed on tracked vehicles, it will contribute to the best underwater positioning solution in terms of accuracy, functionalities, and ease of use.
± Low power consumption;
± Accuracy < 1 cm;
± Compatibility Gaps, Ramses, iXblue INS;
± Depth rating 4,000 m (6,000 m in option);
± Weight (air / water) 28 kg / 16 kg;
± Construction Hard Anodised Aluminium Alloy & Protective sleeve
± corrosion resistant.

Canopus Ramses

   Ramses is an acoustic LBL transceiver designed for both conventional and sparse-LBL. Tightly coupled with iXblue inertial navigation system (Phins Subsea, Rovins or Rovins Nano), it delivers extreme precision.

± Construction Aluminum;
± Weight (air/water) 16 / 6 kg;
± Depth rating 4,000 m;
± Position accuracy Standard LBL, 4 transponders < 0.10 m;
± Simplified mobilization, for ROVs and AUVs;
± LBL navigation accuracy, with superior precision;
± Reduced number of required transponders.

Sonars, echosounders, profilers


ECHOES 10000 sub-bottom profiler

   Echoes 10000 is a high-performance sub-bottom profiler delivering ultra high-resolution seismic reflection profiles.

±High-resolution sub-bottom profiler for shallow water;

±Operates from 1m to 150m water depth;

±Enables river, lake and ocean surveys regardless of the seabed topography;

±Works on a range of frequencies from 5 to 15 kHz.

±Has a reduced size;

±The data are acquired and processed using Delph Seismic Software Package.

Norbit WINGHEAD i77h Integrated Multibeam Echo Sounder (Applanix OceanMaster)

± 0.5° x 0.9° resolution at 400kHz (Frequency agility 200-700kHz)
± 1024 Dynamically Focused Beams;
± Integrated High-end GNSS/INS &  NTRIP Client (Applanix OceanMaster);
± Integrated real-time sound velocity sensor;
± Pipeline mode, Multidetect, Roll-stabilisation;
± Portable and Lightweight (6.9 kg weight in the air) - Equipped with PORTUS portable mounting pole.

SeaBat T50-R Extended Range
Multibeam Echo Sounder

   The SeaBat T50-R Extended Range - is one of the best shallow to mid water depth swath sonar systems that produces unprecedented clean data, at unprecedented resolution, providing faster operational surveys and reduced processing time.

The SeaBat T50 Extended Range is fully frequency agile from 150 to 420 kHz, allowing for extremely high resolution surveys in very shallow waters and with the capability to operate out to about 900m water depth!

± Fully frequency agile from 150 to 420 kHz, allowing for continuous operation from shallow to deep;
± 0.5° x 0.5° resolution at 400kHz with 1024 Dynamically Focused Beams
± Active Roll Stabilization
± Normalized backscatter designed for accurate, reliable and repeatable sea bed classification.

DVL500 - 6000 m

   The DVL500 is a universal Doppler Velocity Log that combines compact design with unprecedented functionality.

± Highly accurate subsea surveys;
± AUVs with long missions or high accuracy requirements;
± 6000 m operational depth;
± Ea